Q-ICE Protects Our Clients and Workers with USL&H Federal Insurance

At Q-ICE , we are proud to carry United States Longshore and Harbor Workers’ insurance (USL&H). This specific insurance policy, which not all boat dock builders carry, provides critical protection for both dock builders and property owners involved in the construction or repair of docks.

This specialized form of insurance is essential when working near or on navigable waters in the United States, offering coverage that goes beyond what general workers’ compensation insurance can provide.

How USL&H Insurance Protects Q-ICE

For dock builders, USL&H insurance is a safeguard against the high costs associated with workplace injuries or accidents. It also ensures compliance with federal regulations, protecting builders from potentially hefty fines, legal liabilities, and even criminal charges for non-compliance.

How USL&H Insurance Protects You

While the coverage protects our company, you benefit from this insurance policy, too. Here’s how:

For property owners, having a dock built by a contractor with USL&H insurance means an added layer of security and peace of mind. Your waterfront construction project benefits from being in the hands of a builder who is not only compliant but also financially secure, thereby reducing the potential for delays or complications that could arise from legal or financial issues stemming from worker injuries.

This coverage that we carry also protects you from potential liabilities that could arise if a worker were injured on their property during the construction process. This insurance essentially ensures that any claims related to worker injuries are handled efficiently and through the proper channels, without directly impacting you, the property owner.

Q-ICE makes this investment because we believe USL&H insurance is vital to any maritime-related construction project, offering comprehensive protection that benefits both the dock builder and the property owner by ensuring compliance, financial security, and a smooth project flow free from the complications of uninsured worker injuries.

Whether you work with us or another builder, make sure the company carries USL&H insurance to protect your interests.