Bay Hill Award-Winner


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Nestled in the scenic locale of Bay Hill, Fla., is this masterpiece of marine construction by Q-ICE Builders. This one-of-a-kind dock was designed to last and uses the latest technology in synthetic building materials and creative design. Its features set it apart, which led to an award from the North American Deck and Railing Association for Best Dock in 2023.

At the heart of the dock’s design are the custom-designed dual boat lift slips. These slips cater to boating enthusiasts, providing a safe and efficient means of elevating boats above the waterline. The decked-over boat lifts were fabricated in our shop and use Shorestation Hydraulic lift components, all mounted discreetly in the floor, allowing for a clean and open overhead space.

Material selection is paramount in marine construction projects. This dock boasts white Ecopile vinyl-fiberglass composite marine pilings, renowned for their durability and environmental compatibility. These pilings give the dock a modern look and resist the harsh marine elements while supporting the two-story structure, which offers expansive views and additional space for leisure or storage. One unique feature of synthetic pilings is that they allow all electric, water, and hydraulic lines to be passed through the center of the pilings.

The watertight second-story deck is sealed with a Dexerdry-Gasket system installed between deck boards. A powder-coated aluminum handrail fabricated in our shop, topped with a 2×4 IPE cap and stainless-cable handrail system, adds to the clean lines that set this dock apart.

The dock features two WaveArmor PWC float systems, ensuring that personal watercraft are securely moored and readily accessible. The structure’s elegance is accentuated by the powder-coated aluminum stainless cable railing, which provides safety without obstructing the panoramic waterside views.

The dock’s ceiling is crafted from Azek Exterior tongue-and-groove materials. The Barefoot Gray WearDeck flooring is aesthetically pleasing and engineered for durability and comfort. We finished this project with low-voltage deck lights illuminating the dock’s perimeter. White bumpers and stainless tie-up cleats provide easy docking for any boat pulling up.

Features for Project CCPEWhite2H

  • Custom-designed dual boat lift slips
  • Hydraulic deck over lifts
  • White Ecopile vinyl-fiberglass composite marine piling
  • Two-storied architecture
  • Two WaveArmor PWC float systems
  • Powder-coated aluminum stainless cable railing
  • Azek Exterior tongue-n-grove ceilings
  • Barefoot Gray WearDeck composite boards
  • Stainless steel tie-up cleats
  • Bumpers