We Build Custom Boat Docks With

Decks that Enhance Waterfront Living Experiences

At Q-ICE, we redefine the essence of waterfront living with our unparalleled boat dock solutions. Specializing in a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional excellence, we cater to a diverse range of clients—from municipalities and large developments to custom home builders and individual lakefront homeowners. We are a top boat dock builder in Central Florida.

For us, our name exemplifies our mission and values. Q-ICE: Quality, Integrity, Creativity, and Efficiency.

Why do homeowners and business owners throughout Orlando and Central Florida work with us on custom dock and deck projects? Here are the top reasons:


They desire a stunning dock to showcase their watercraft and reflect their style.


They want to include a custom deck with their dock so they can relax and entertain along the waterfront, either before or after spending time on the water.


They desire the creative, award-winning custom boat dock designs from our team.


Because we build docks and seawalls that stand the test of time.


- James Wear
- James Wear
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"My company has been supplying products to Q-ICE for nearly 10 years. Their projects are top-of-the-line; they aren't afraid to try something new and innovate, and they show great attention to detail. I've been recommending them to my customers, and I receive calls back expressing how happy they were with their decision. I was so impressed with their work that I had them build decks at my personal house."

Your Waterfront Living Project?

Choosing Q-ICE for your waterfront project means partnering with a leader in customized boat dock and marine construction solutions that blend innovative design with unmatched functionality.

Customized Excellence

Q-ICE specializes in delivering tailor-made dock solutions that perfectly align with the individual needs and aesthetic preferences of each client. With a focus on high-quality, custom projects, we ensure that every detail of your waterfront vision is brought to life with precision and creativity. 

Unmatched Expertise

Leveraging the construction mastery of our team, combined with profound industry insights, Q-ICE offers unparalleled expertise in dock construction and renovation after natural disasters.

Award-Winning Innovation

Recognized for our commitment to excellence and innovation with accolades like the Deck Awards, Q-ICE stands out as a leader in the industry. Our award-winning designs not only enhance the functionality and beauty of waterfront properties but also reflect our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in dock solutions.

Maximize Lakefront Property

Homeowners maximize their lakefront properties by investing in Q-ICE services for seawalls and boat docks. The investment made on a dock built by Q-ICE can increase the attractiveness of your property, boost its market value, and increase your equity.

By selecting Q-ICE, you’re not just choosing a dock builder; you’re investing in a lifetime of waterfront enjoyment and value. We have built more than 100 docks, and not one of them has ever been destroyed totally after a hurricane or other natural disaster. A Q-ICE dock is a lasting investment.

Q-ICE Featured Projects

We Make Your Boat Dock Construction Easy

When you are ready to explore your new boat dock, here is our simple, straightforward process:

Aerial view of a double-decker boat dock with an upper level deck

Here Is What Our Clients Have to Say!

Aerial view of a double-decker boat dock with an upper level deck

What to Expect When You Work With Q-ICE

When you choose to work with Q-ICE, you are trusting in a company that goes the extra mile to protect you and your property.

At Q-ICE, we carry U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers insurance. If you work with a marine construction contractor who does not carry USL&H insurance, you can be held liable if a worker is injured during the construction of your project.

While we hope you choose us for your deck project, if you go with another contractor, ensure they carry USL&H insurance to protect you.

Remember, our name represents our mission and values. Q-ICE: Quality, Integrity, Creativity, and Efficiency.

Custom Boat Dock Builder in Central Florida

We are the most trusted dock builder in the Central Florida region, including these cities and areas:

award-winning dock and walkway

Q-ICE: Award-Winning Dock Builder

When you work with Q-ICE, you will partner with an award-winning design and construction team. We received a first-place award from the North American Deck & Railing Association for a commercial project in 2023.

We embarked on creating a visionary project to transform a local outdoor space into a vibrant community hub in the City of Ocoee where residents can stroll, exercise, and unwind. Facing the technical challenge of constructing a deck elevated over 10 feet above the water, our team innovatively employed an extensive framework and scaffolding to place pilings and framing. The centerpiece, a striking shade structure, required the precise setting of 10-inch diameter, 55-foot tall piles, a feat accomplished without the aid of a large crane barge due to the site’s unique constraints around a retention pond. To complement the engineering marvel, we integrated a custom-designed stainless steel truss system to harmoniously balance the shade canopy’s tension.

We bring this level of experience and expertise to every project, no matter how small or big.

Deck Design & Construction Articles

boat dock with shade structure

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Q-ICE Builders will construct a pergola or shade structure on your dock to protect you, your family, and your boat. They also provide additional functionality.

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Dock Fence

Adding boat dock fence and handrails adds a layer of safety and security to your waterfront property and boat. Q-ICE will help you select the best materials.

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Photo of concrete seawall


Q-ICE Builders constructs seawalls in Central Florida, and we build boat ramps to provide the public with easy access to waterways.

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