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This dock is a functional and well-equipped structure for boat and personal watercraft enthusiasts. The direct-drive boat lift offers reliable and maintenance-friendly operation. It stands on robust 6″x6″ wooden posts, ensuring stability and strength.

The dock features a Gem Remotes remote-controlled lift system, allowing effortless raising and lowering of watercraft. Dual side-by-side PWC lifts are also featured and designed to secure personal watercraft storage.

A notable feature is the Shorestation® Lift Curtain system, which protects the stored boat against the elements. The perimeter is outlined with a wood frame cable railing that combines safety with an unobstructed view. At the same time, the walking surface is made from Cool Gray WearDeck, a durable and heat-resistant material that’s comfortable underfoot even on sunny days.

The dock is a practical and sophisticated waterfront infrastructure that provides functionality and ease for its users. It includes covered and open areas to relax and sunbathe after a day on the water.

Features for Project AR12P6

  • 6″x6″ wooden post support
  • Gem Remotes remote-controlled lift system
  • Dual side-by-side PWC lifts
  • Shorestation® Lift Curtain system
  • Wood frame cable railing
  • Cool Gray WearDeck
  • Direct-drive boat lift
  • Personal watercraft lift