Award-Winning Boat Dock Builder & Designer in Central Florida

Q-ICE is an award-winning dock builder. The North American Deck & Railing Association recognized Q-ICE for our innovative approach, exceptional craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Garnering prestigious accolades for its projects, Q-ICE’s reputation is solidified through its remarkable constructions, which meet and exceed industry standards, setting new benchmarks for design, sustainability, and functionality.

2023 First Place NADRA Docks Category

boat and personal watercraft dock with deck

One of the notable awards highlights Q-ICE’s work in utilizing cutting-edge synthetic building materials, as demonstrated in our Bay Hill project that received high praise for its use of synthetic “Eco-Piles” by Shoreline, Owens Corning WEARDECK structural synthetic lumber, and a host of other advanced materials.

This project was celebrated for its modern aesthetic, durability, and innovative design. It incorporates a watertight second-story deck, a sophisticated handrail system, and integrated low-voltage lighting, all of which illustrate Q-ICE’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail. 

2023 First Place NADRA Commercial Outdoor Living Project

Photo of a waterfront wellness area in city of Ocoee

In another award-winning venture, the Commercial Outdoor Living Project, Q-ICE excelled in creating a multifunctional outdoor space for community engagement and enjoyment. This project, the City of Ocoee Wellness Project, showcased Q-ICE’s expertise in overcoming construction challenges, like installing tall, sturdy piles for a shade structure without the aid of a large crane barge and engineering a stainless truss system to support the canopy.

This space, crafted with high-quality materials like stainless steel handrails and synthetic decking, ensures durability and low maintenance, reflecting Q-ICE’s foresight in creating enduring, practical, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments.

These awards underscore Q-ICE’s exceptional ability to blend aesthetic appeal with practicality, all while navigating the complexities of modern construction challenges. The firm’s dedication to leveraging the latest technology and materials, along with its commitment to sustainability and innovative design, positions Q-ICE as a leader in the dock building industry.

Our projects not only serve the immediate needs of our clients but also contribute to the enhancement of waterfront properties, setting a precedent for future constructions and establishing Q-ICE as the epitome of excellence in the world of dock building.