Frequently Asked Questions

We start the permit and design process once we have a signed contract. Permitting under normal cercumstances for boat docks is 30-60 days, for Sea Walls new construction 180 days in Orange county because it has to go before the board of county commissioners. Once permitting is complete we have been starting jobs in 1-3 weeks depending where our work flow is with currant jobs in progress.

YES! We believe that our construction process and design creates the strongest docks.

Our piles are compacted and driven instead of just being washed in with a pump. This prevents settling and leaning of the poles/piles.

The frame is supported by carrier beams with 1/2 bolts. This prevents the frame structure from being held up by screws and nails with can corrode or shear.

The outside corners are mitered to prevent exposed end grain of the wood.

There are numerous other details that we provide in our docks but the best thing to do if your considering us for a project would be to contact us or take a look at one of our prevoius jobs.