Shorescreen Boat Dock Cover
Shorescreen Canopy System

Shorescreen Boat Dock Cover


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We are pleased to offer one of the newest boat covers on the market. Shorescreen is built to offer convenience and provide a simple effective solution to protecting your Boat. As a preferred Installer for ShoreStation products, you can be assured that your product will be installed correctly and in a timely fashion.

ShoreScreen Power Curtain

From covered to uncovered in seconds. Protect your boat with this high-tech screen.

The Ultimate in Boat Protection

Protect your boat from damaging UV rays, and create a barrier against windblown debris, insects and birds to ensure your boat stays in showroom condition. No more hassling with traditional heavy boat covers and snaps.

Fast, Trouble-Free Operation

Two drive motors positioned on opposite corners roll all four screens simultaneously without complicated cables or pulleys. The adjustable limit stop allows the user to preset desired heights.

Sun-Control Screening with Microban

The black SunTex 80 woven mesh gives the ShoreScreen a subdued shadowy effect. It absorbs and dissipates up to 80 % of the sun’s heat while allowing air flow. The microban technology prevents mildew buildup when rolled up.

Convenient Wireless Operation

Simply push a button on the remote and the cover quickly raises and lowers over your boat. You can even use the same remote for both your lift and ShoreScreen.

Wireless Operation

12V DC motors use the boat lift battery and is controlled with the same remote as your lift.

Maximum Overhead Clearance

Absolutely no overhead structure, cables or pulleys to restrict boat lift height.

Maintenance Free

Corrosion resistant aluminum frame provides a durable and long-lasting structure.

360deg Protection

Fully unrolled, the curtain is 7 ft long.

Easy Installation

Easy installation.

Keder Track Roll Bar System

Simply & efficiently retracts all four sides as one using a patented center roll bar design which eliminates intricate and troublesome cable/pulley systems.

Modular Design

Curtain panels mount directly to boat house roof or side of pilings with adaptable brackets (included).